Lutfen bekleyiniz
Lutfen bekleyiniz

Melek Düvenci Architects was founded under the leadership of Melek DÜVENCİ
together with creative designers from different disciplines to provide architectural
applications. Melek Duvenci Architects, which is a world brand by crossing national
borders, has been taking firm steps towards achieving its goals for the future with
its minimalist and futurist approach.

Melek Duvenci Architects emphasizes the rightful pride of carrying the project
leadership qualities with its powerful design team, artistic visionary purchasing
processes and professional application team in every platform. Melek Duvenci
Architects, who registered its success with its signature in restaurants, cafes,
offices, hotels, residences, shopping malls, commercial buildings and public
life centers, has adopted the slogan of sustainable life as its mission.

Building the future in every area and creating natural living areas with Melek
Duvenci Architects by consuming minimum natural resources in a modern form
will leave deep traces with an indescribable satisfaction in your visual memory and
comfort understanding.